LATINNO Project Website launched

I’m happy to announce that the website for the LATINNO project was launched this week. The WZB project LATINNO, lead by Thamy Pogrebinschi, collects and analyses data on democratic innovations of Latin America since the 1990. Currently the website informs about the project, the research design and publications as well as news related to the project. In the near future, a database of coded cases of innovations will be published for open access.

The website was designed by Caroline della Croce and the frontend was implemented by Benedikt Hebeisen, while the backend and database is implemented by me. This multilingual website is developed in Python with the Django framework. We chose Django because it allows rapid website development, has a clear and well documented programming model and features an easy to use administration backend. We additionally used Django hvad to enable multilingual database content.

I think Django is optimal for websites with small to medium sized databases, also in the research domain. Databases can be designed directly as Model classes, which can be continuously updated and re-worked. Django will take care of changes in the database design using automatic migrations. The framework also allows creating a RESTful database API, which is often important for research databases that are published in the web. These things will come in very handy when we will make the LATINNO database available to the public in the second phase of the website development in late autumn this year.

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